Let failure be your servant not your master. We have repented of our failures, learned from our failures, developed a closer walk with God because of our failures, built deeper character because of failure, we have a testimony of our failures because of what the enemy meant to use to kill, steal and destroy, God has turned it around for our good…failure is our servant.

When failure becomes our master is when we let it define WHO we are. Failure is what was done…but it’s NOT who we are. His love defines WHO we are. Failure is our master when we causes us to not press on towards the call of God on our lives…HEY!!! That has never left you! The call is still there. Failure is our master when we live under the crushing feeling of shame, condemnation and constant discouragement. Rather than understanding that Jesus’ Blood has cleansed and washed away a multitude of sins…His Blood is and was enough…you are free.

So don’t live under the lie of the enemy. He’s out to destroy everything good, pure and wonderful about you and your walk with God. It’s enough. Time to take a deep breath and move on with God…this is your hopeful destiny! It will never change. You are loved.

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2 thoughts on “Failure…?

  1. Wow God bless you, been feeling condemned and ashamed all day. I always knew this at the back of my mind but it’s encouraging hearing it from someone else

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